Chase The Blues Away

Chase The Blues Away

Sin is ever presenting itself before us on a daily basis. There’s always some temptation, some evil thought, some feeling…. that isn’t quite right that we need to shake off. It can be distracting at its best and depressing at its worst. Romans Chapter 6 explains how we can build a strategy for living a life of victory over sin.

It involves a change of our mindset. Sounds simple enough but most times we are not conscious of the mind being set in the first place.

To make it easier I will create a scene:

Your friend arranges for you to have a girls’ or boys’ day out. You’ve been looking forward to it and even took some time off work to prepare for the day. They suddenly cancel on the morning of the event and you’re left frustrated at the anti-climactic feeling it has created. You become angry and frustrated. The flesh is now in full control and Sin rears its ugly head. You call your friend and tell them off rudely.

  • The first thing to do is to recognise you are angry and hurt. In this state you would likely struggle to hear the Holy Spirit talk to you.
  • Therefore, pray for help, ask the Holy Spirit to help remove the ill feelings on both sides through the tool of forgiveness.
  • Physically remove whatever is fuelling the anger, in this case it could be removing the outfits and things prepared for the day out and dressing into what is relevant for the rest of the day. It could even involve removing jewellery, make up, letting your hair down…. anything that would remind you of the event. Think to do other things with the plans you had for the day if practicable
  • Listen to or watch something spiritual that inspires you, worship music, an inspiring message, a Christian podcast, bible scriptures to track you back to your God given purpose. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you.
  • Do or think of something good for the friend who offended you, knowingly or unknowingly. This requires maturity that comes with practice, so start today with something no matter how little.
  • Thank God for the outcome because He knows the beginning from the end and He would know how to fill in the gaps caused by human error.
  • Thank God again…really….thank Him truly from your heart coupled with your favourite scripture or GO TO place in the Lord.
  • Plan for the next day as usual

Tailor the list to suit your personal circumstances but you can see the picture here. You’re battling with the mindset of frustration and disappointment and anger to get to a mindset of peace, and thanksgiving. It involved:

  • Recognising the issue
  • Praying
  • Removing physical obstacles
  • Get back to your purpose
  • Do something good for the person who caused the upset
  • Thank God
  • Plan your next day as usual

If you still feel rather blue after all this, remember you will still be much better than doing nothing at all and chances are the Devil has fled because you have resisted him. for the scripture says resist the Devil And he will flee!

So next time you are confronted with sin…….. chase it away, don’t give way!!



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