All things work together for your good….

This is a popular verse of scripture from Romans 8: 28. It comforts us in times of distress and is used in times of discouragement. Going back a few verses from this piece of encouraging scripture, a bigger picture is seen that could sometimes be missed.

Focusing on chapter 8, it starts with verse 23 where apostle Paul begins to explain that along with all creatures, Christians are in the process of being redeemed of earthly bodies (bodies that are not subject to ‘sensual feelings’ and ‘earthly decay’) to spiritual bodies..

It is against the backdrop of verse 23, that Paul in verse 26 then refers to our prayers being influenced by these two factors.

  1. Sensual feelings – such as needs, wants desires, fears and the like;
  2. Earthly decay – such as sickness, old age and death.

But Paul also mentions that the Holy Spirit comes and helps us by taking our less than perfect requests (based on sensuality and the grave -earthly decay) and taking these prayers uttered by us from our hearts to God and turning them to requests that properly reflect the mind of God towards us. Verse 27 explains that the Holy Spirit presents before God what we really ought to have asked in the first place, (whatever that was supposed to be) to align with Gods will.

The next verse is beautiful. It simply reads  “ We are assured and know that (God being a partner in their labor) all things work together and are (fitting into a plan) for good to and for those who Love God and are called according to His design and purpose”.

Wow!! We are fully confident, trusting,  made sure, secured in the knowledge that when we pray, whatever the outcome, it will align to Gods plan for us because the Holy Spirit, took that prayer and presented it with greater clarity and alignment to Gods will. Whatever we ask we know that we will get a response that aligns with Gods will for out lives. How reassuring that is.

Next time  we pray, we know in our hearts that the Holy Spirit has taken up our prayers to God in His own special way and that whatever answer we receive will surely turn out for our good because of the input of the Holy Spirit upon our prayers. Glory to God!!!!

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