A prayer to restore your soul

Have you fallen from grace? Wondering how to get back with the Lord? Well I have good news for you, Psalm 80 offers lots of help!

I found in it a lot of help and have mapped out a few steps that I hope will help us work out how God the Father, reveals His restoration plan just for us!

  1. Remember He is a Shepherd God….you are His flock, therefore His position towards your soul is that of protection. Be calm and peaceful in the knowledge of this.
  2. Remind Him of His past goodness to you. Hey, you are reading this right now…..you can see…that’s one good thing from God…gift of eyesight…many are blind. There are countless examples of how God has been good to us in the past and present. Just think peacefully and you will recall good things that happened to you, in childhood, adulthood, old age…….
  3. Report the enemy to Father God. The enemy of our soul is always the devil, he comes in various guises but he is the mastermind behind it all. Report your circumstance to the Lord. Ask God to deal with the devil for you. Whilst He is doing this…next
  4. Ask Him to restore your relationship with Him as Father God to your troubled soul. It wants to rest, it is weary. Your soul has a Father…and the Father of your soul?….He is God!

3 things to look out for when God is restoring your weary soul:

  1. Fruitfulness or being more productive in what you do
  2. Being at peace or being content
  3. Favour or finding things keep working out for good against all odds for example

Restore us, O Lord God of so many loved ones; we can’t physically see your face but as we stay in your presence (by meditating on Your Words) we know in our hearts that our weary souls will be restored and we will experience your pleasure, approval and favour in due course. That gives us great comfort! Thank you Lord!