No matter how bad the problems life throws at you, and how far you fall from the grace that is in the Lord, the Lord has your back. He knows your heart; He knows you want to do well, and He wants to help you.

The story of the young man in the book of Acts 20:9-12(AMP) reads:

“and there was a young man named Eutychus (“Lucky”) sitting on the window sill. He was sinking into a deep sleep, and as Paul kept on talking longer and longer, he was completely overcome by sleep and fell down from the third story; and he was picked up dead. 10 But Paul went down and threw himself on him and embraced him, and said [to those standing around him], “Do not be troubled, because he is alive.” 11 When Paul had gone back upstairs and had broken the bread and eaten, he talked [informally and confidentially] with them for a long time—until daybreak [in fact]—and then he left. 12 They took the boy [Eutychus] home alive, and were greatly comforted and encouraged.”

The story above gives a picture of how God feels when we fall. Sometimes in life, we fall so hard that even those around lose all hope that we will ever rise again. They all stood around the boy, assuming he was dead, all hope was lost. But Paul by the power of God embraced him and declared him alive. And so… he was!

Did you notice how the spirit of God moving through Paul activated the young man’s life? Firstly, he went down to the young man’s level; secondly, He placed His full weight on the man; and thirdly He embraced him and declared him alive.

Whenever you experience one of those lows in life, all men are against you; the whole world is on your case; you have hit rock bottom and you feel dead inside? Just picture this:

The Lord comes down to meet you just as you are;

He imposes His full weight on you……everything He has;

He embraces you so warmly and tightly;

And declares to the world that you are alive!!

What a powerful picture!!

And so, as we started this post, it is true that no matter how hard you fall in life, this one thing is true to say….…..There is life in you!!!!!!! Hallelujah!

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