The Free Gift

The bible tells us that Jesus Christ is the author of life. Life exists because of Him. I therefore can infer from this that i am alive because Jesus is alive..

I was baptised into Jesus Christ when I repented from my sins and made a decision to live in obedience to the laws of God through the grace that I received by the free gift of imputed righteousness.

It is a fact that man cannot live outside of two mindsets:

1 – The mindset of sin;

2 – or the mindset of righteousness

The mindset of sin is common to every single person born into the world. We live from birth till death with the consciousness of good and evil. we learn how to recognise and avoid evil and develop our skills to recognise and do good. We try our best to live within the law of God and of man until we return to God our maker. It is a daily struggle to stay upright and keep clean. Many find this way of living too restrictive and frustrating. Deep down it feels as if we are always under judgment waiting for the next slip up to expose us before men and before God. But we don’t have to live with this mindset.

The mindset of righteousness is different. God says no one can be good on their own (Romans 3:23). We need help to be continuously good all the time. Therefore, God gives us the free gift of righteousness. Its free! You don’t have to try so hard to avoid evil or think of ways to be perfect. You are perfect in Gods eyes the moment you accept the gift. Always and forever perfect in God’s eyes.

Isn’t that an instant relief, knowing that our relationship with the Father isn’t based on judgment but by receiving His grace and learning to live a positive life of obedience. We now love to be obedient because we are under His grace released to us through Jesus. As we thank God for His grace and live in obedience to Jesus, we are free to please God daily as our first reaction to choosing between good and evil. All of God is available to us. He’s held nothing back from us. We can get to know God as much as we desire.

So….no more need to struggle with choosing between doing good and avoiding evil……..we just keep choosing to do the right thing because we’ve already  been gifted with righteousness.

Halleluyah, Glory to God!!

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