A Tale of Two Workers

A couple of days ago I walked past a public flower plant box in North London and stopped to marvel at the beautiful spring flowers that had sprung up. They were too pretty to ignore and before I knew it I had yanked out my camera from my bag and began to take photos of the dainty little flowers. They were so pretty, white and purple petals in a lush leafy green background. 

I said to myself, wow God, you really are so pretty, take a look at these little beauties. Only You O Lord would take such time to cause these little lovelies to come out of the earth every spring and summer in such daintiness. They were in such stark contrast to the grey concrete buildings and black tarred road within their immediate vicinity.

At that moment in time I recalled the works of the enemy even in starker contrast, innocent bloodshed, meaningless murders, wars, disease, poverty, death and decay. The flowers seemed even more beautiful in contrast.

The works of the enemy are evident all around, you only have to switch on the telly to watch the news or pick up a newspaper to find them…… but so also are the works of God evident like those pretty little flowers. 

Next time you read about crime in the papers or listen to a negative news story, remember that there are two at work.

One comes to steal, kill and destroy, hence we see and hear of the bad news stories making headlines. The other however comes that we may have life and more of it, of course I’m talking about God, through our Saviour Jesus. He is so pretty, He made those lovely flowers and a host of other things which I sometimes take for granted, He is the apple in my crumble, the perfume that delights, the milk in my tea, the sun in the sky, the clouds, the mountains, rivers, oceans, the majestic oak tree in the park, colours, sound, warmth, breeze, smiles, doe eyed babies…the list is endless. It makes me hold on to Jesus with all that I have because unlike the works of the enemy (think wars) His works are authentic and designed to last forever. For you see, spring time must come every year and so will those pretty little flowers.

Psalm 9:1 I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvelous works.

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