New Season Must Haves and the Ultimate Catwalk Show

I went grocery shopping last week at a Super Sainsbury’s superstore and resolved not to buy any new clothes beforehand. But alas I found myself drawn not surprisingly to the womens clothing section, I told myself, there might be a few bargains in the sales section that would be beneficial…..its a mind trick that tends to disarm my resolve in this area. Sometimes I do get a bargain but oft times not.

This time I was favored because I did get a bargain. It was a lovely two piece black and white print top and trouser set. My husband loved it. I remember looking forward to wearing it and planning what shoes and hairstyle to go with it. In the end I chose red heels and an up hairdo. It was a very trendy look and I felt the excitement or wearing the outfit out for the first time.

After my fashion journey from shopping to wearing the outfit, the Holy Spirit taught me about the ultimate fashion designer.

Nope, its not Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Victoria Beckham, Alexander McQueen or Stella McCartney. Its the one and only…….Brand God!!.

God said He will clothe us better than King Solomon in all his array Matt 6:29. He also said we will be known by our fruit. When todays celebrities wear designer outfits, they are usually announced by the media to the entire nation on what they are wearing, the media taking great care in describing the brand names worn by the stars and sometimes how much it would have cost with photos and admiring comments. God created clothes for us as well and in heaven He eagerly looks everyday to see what we are wearing. By our fruits we will be known. I can imagine God looking and saying wow….. look at Job don’t you think he looks reeeeaaaaal good angels and elders?. Today he’s wearing Joy and Praise. Yesterday he was full of Thanksgiving and did you like the Gentleness displayed at 3:00pm last Tuesday. I can’t wait to see Peace and Goodness tomorrow. I designed it you know and he’s wearing it. I really must put him on my Catwalk Show. I’ll invite the Devil to show of my works to the enemies through Job (Psalm 8:2)(Job 1:8)

Are we modeling clothes for God….will He be confident enough to parade us on His runway like he did with Job? Will buyers like our outfits and buy the products…. Next time I buy a new outfit, I will look and say…hmmmmm….can I become a Supermodel for God like Job. I want to be dressed with Galatians 5:22 or even better 1 Timothy 2:9-10, so heaven can display me to the world and Designer God will be more known in the world through me Abi, than Calvin Klein is known through Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss. So God help me. Amen!!! God help us all, Amen!!! Calling all sizes…….buy new clothes today and get head hunted for the ultimate catwalk show of all time!!!!.

Watch out for the next blog…. A Tale of Two Workers!!!!

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