He Blew It Big Time!!!

He Blew It Big Time!!!

How many times have we been given a second chance and blown it, just like that?

A chance to forgive, a chance to say hello, a chance to smile, a chance to give perhaps?

There was a certain King who blew his second chance. You see God saw into his future and told him to put his house in order. Just like the patriarchs, Jacob, David, Moses…all had a chance to hand over in the true sense before departing.

King Hezekiah managed to ask and receive 15 additional years but he forgot to think about the last words God spoke to him at the time he was warned about dying….Put Your House in Order!!!

When King Hezekiah recovered from his illnes he must have forgotten about what he was ordered to do before the death scare. He did not put his house in order but instead he lay his house bare open for the enemy to evaluate. Envoys from babylon had come to congratulate his recovery for they had heard that the king was sick but had recovered. You see the enemy waits whilst the trials and tribulations are going on planning his next line of attack. Immeditaely after the victory over death (tribulations, trials) the enemy King of Babylon launched a coded attack. He saw all that Hezekiah had and he planned to come back for a raid. Isaiah 39:5-8 tells what happens to Hezekiah’s household and children. His household and palace will be emptied and his children to become servants.

God knew what was about to happen and tried to warn Hezekiah urgently, so urgent to the extent of death but Poor King Hezekiah missed the point completly. Sadly alas the additional 15 years did not give him the chance to put his house in order but instead he ignorantly put it out of order.

I pray none of us reading this will miss opprtunities to put things right if given a second chance to do so in Jesus Name. Amen.

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