He said nothing

He said nothing 

Jesus had been taken to Herod forwarded on like an irritating email by Pilate. Herod was secretly happy to see Jesus because he had heard about the miracles and wanted to see one performed especially for him. But Jesus did not respond to his demands. He stayed quiet. 

So, the kids and I were having a discussion over bible study time. I asked the question after the reading. Why did Jesus keep quiet d’you think? 

Little one piped up, cos Pilate was rude…older one muttered, cos Pilate was testing God unnecessarily, and after a couple more answers then came the interesting answer…..cos he could have freed Jesus. 

It suddenly hit me, but of course, Jesus possibly could have talked Himself out of it. Remember Paul talked himself out of a beating in Acts 16:38 and Acts22:25-29. Our Lord himself had the amazing gift of confounding popular wisdom and on many occasions silenced his critics in word and in action. Remember the woman about to be stoned because she was caught in the very act. No doubt he could have come out of this …but He had to fulfill all righteousness. He let them get away with it. 

You and I today are enjoying the fruit of the silent seed Jesus soed on that fateful day. Salvation!!!!!. If Jesus had been freed, we could not be born again and could not be heirs of salvation. 

Next time we are confronted with evil, or find ourselves in a tense environment, let’s remember what Jesus did. Look beyond the situation and look to what you want to achieve, don’t look at the immediate chaos but look forward to the joy set before you. Hebrews 12:2. 

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