Praise God 

He can’t get enough of it. Why, even the stones would cry out if no one else would praise Him. I realized from reading the psalms that praise to God is mandatory. There are several different reasons to praise God and only one reason not to. This is how I knew it was mandatory to praise God. Besides, who doesn’t like being praised? We all do. 

He commands angels, demons, sea monsters beast. cattle, nature, weather, the flesh, the future, solar system, skies, rain, oceans and so on to do so… 

Nebuchadnezzar was forced to praise God, God will be praised. 

Praise is a life style. It’s not just limited to the worship periods in our devotion time, or at a church service. From studying the psalms it is evident that everything and anything except one is expected to praise God. Therefore, in typing this, while asleep, while reading, cooking, walking, talking, cleaning, cooking, eating, bathing, playing, studying, teaching, chilling, flying, celebrating and so on, praise to God should never cease. The very activity we are doing right now, should be done as an act of praise to God. Do everything praisefully and then see the verse in Psalm 150 verse 6 come to life in our lives. ….LET EVERYTHING THAT HAS BREATH PRAISE THE LORD.!!!!!!!! 

Ooh, lest I forget, the one thing that cannot, will not praise God, is a dead person. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord indeed!!! 

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