I don’t know what Heaven feels or looks like in its entirety for now….. but I can with confidence imagine Philippians 4:8 (things to think on) that it will certainly not be like any of these:

Evil and sin, headaches,  utility bills, annoying itch in the foot, vicious pointless murderers prowling the streets, anxiety over jobs, fear of death, loneliness, barrenness, stupidity e.g. reckless drivers, selfishness, addictions, wars, guns, bombs, bad governments, immorality, unbelief in God, poverty, fear of the unknown, plagues, hunger, prickly heat, dust, deception, corruption, stealing, the burden of always having to secure things e.g. locking the car, front door or online passwords, poor bank accounts, fly tipping, lack of self control, anger, blocked noses, condensation, mould, rats, dandruff, baldness, hearing aids, wrinkly skin, obesity, anorexia, blindness, in short all sicknesses. Imagine a place that DOESN’T HAVE any of the above within it …..…(there are of course loads of other nasty spirits not mentioned here but you get the general drift don’t you?) THE ABSENCE OF ALL THAT’S WRONG, ……OF ALL EVIL IN EVERY DECEPTIVE FORM IT TAKES. What do you think HEAVEN would look like?

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