Perfect Peace

Some people find peace in their own ways:

Some find solace in their favorite TV Programs

Some in a nice quiet evening with a good book

Some by listening to classical music

Some by going on holiday

Some by going to a place of rest or chapel

Some by visiting a grave yard

Some by sending the kids to bed early

Some by avoiding people altogether

Some on a lake in a boat

Some by going to the opera

Some in themselves

And so on and so forth…..

The disciples were on a boat in a lake, suddenly a raging storm broke out and the disciples were terrified. In all this sudden calamity, screams and terror, Jesus lay sleeping in perfect peace. The disciples had to ask (one could sense with a hint of irritation, bewilderment and anger)…Carest thou not that we perish? It was that scary.

Sometimes when we or others we know of go through rough patches it can seem as though God doesn’t care. Jesus said…..Peace be still,…

We can ‘stay on thee’ by applying the precise word of God to the situation through prayer and thereafter having the confidence to command the natural status quo, ‘peace’ to dominate the storm…………The spirits of death, fear, calamity, destuction that accompany rough patches will FLEE while the spirit of peace takes over the helm of the boat! He will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee. Isaiah 26:3

Jesus is THE PRINCE OF PEACE!! Isaiah 9:6

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