NOW is the time!!!!

I once came across a gospel tract many years ago that went something like this…..

Too Little – Picture of a baby

Too Young – Picture of a child

Too Carefree – Picture of a teenager / youth

Too Happy – Picture of young men and women absorbed in the pleasures and ambitions of life

Too Busy – Picture of a family man and woman looking after children

Too Old – Picture of a frail and weak old man / woman

Too Late – Picture of a coffin

I know what stage I was at then (sigh)…. And what stage I am at now….what stage are YOU at now. TODAY is the time to accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour (Hebrews 3: 7-8). Do not delay to the next stage for the days are evil and the time is short. God is waiting for you today. John 3:16. Come just the way you are.


Heavenly Father, I know that I have sinned and need Your forgiveness. I believe that Your Son the Lord Jesus Christ died for me on the cross and I am willing to repent and turn from my sins. I now by faith invite the Lord Jesus to come into my heart and life as my personal Saviour and I am willing, by Your grace, to follow and obey Him as the Lord of my life. Amen.

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