The Silent Stadium

Bolton Wanderers vs Blackpool

It was on BBC 2 yesterday night, 2 players left of the 1953 FA cup final called the Matthews final. The stadium full of people whom would have died by now….most of them I thought glumly. The two players had been invited to the stadium where the match was played in 1953 where they had played aged just 23. Now in 2015 they were 85 and the only surviving players of that unforgettable match.

But that crowd,..where would they all be today……looking at the stadium then if a replay of that day were to take place now, there’d be only two players and probably a handful of spectators. The rest would have gone the way of men. Silent stadium today…the ghosts of many sleeping..

It was sort of sad to think on that at the time of the match nothing would have mattered more than being in the moment of the excitement. Sadly moments like that always come to an end…life goes on….

But the thought of all those people now no more…. gone the way of men felt sad to think on. If time could stand still and be brought forward there’d be no more cheers from the stadium because the spectators (or at least most of them) at the time would be resting in peace.

The word of God tells us that the form of this world is passing away, things that seem so real at present are gone tomorrow but the word of God remains the same. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever.

I still enjoy watching some TV programmes or special events like that match but I will not conform to them, rather I will daily renew my mind to experience the excitement apostle Paul felt when he talked about a certain event…….the seventh heaven experience, or the three disciples who saw the transfiguration event, or Moses who saw the burning bush, or the Israelites who saw the red sea part, or the widow who saw the continuous supply of oil in her home or the early church who experienced total unity in purpose…..

May we all experience the events of God that last forever in His Kingdom!!!!!


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