God loves passenger planes

God loves passenger planes…….bon voyage……safe journey!!!

I prayed to God to take away my fear of flying and the answer came from Jeremiah 9:2. I was pleasantly surprised. You do love travellers I exclaimed with happy relief, hence You watch over them…even in the skies. My fear of flying was gone. Weeks later safely on solid ground I remembered the trip and how I had felt safe and secure during the flight for the first time ever.

I then thought about air planes and why He was interested in them. I realised the following points:

In the air there is a Sabbath day ambience. People cannot bustle to and fro in search of worldly gain. You must remain seated and at times restrained. No worldly distractions in the clouds

In the air almost everyone says a prayer of some kind to land safely

In the air hospitality will be offered

In the air the destination cannot change……

In the air there is little scope for sin…apart from pre-planned extremism there’s only so much scope to sin.

Planes are well maintained so the passengers place their faith in it

Trust in the Pilot to guide them to their destination

It’s like being in an ark where God can speak to the hearts of men without the tug of the world. …The longer the trip, the more chances of reaching a soul. So next time you’re on a plane…think souls…think opportunity of open heavens into the plane….think pray. Bon voyage!!!!

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