Men look at the outward appearance

Kind David in the bible is one of my favourite characters but it’s funny how his appearance almost worked against him. He is or was described as being rosy cheeked (ruddy) and quite handsome.

When Samuel went to anoint a replacement king for Israel David’s dad didn’t think to call David to get looked at by Samuel for he must have thought ‘how could my baby boy be the one’.

David’s brother also judged him at the battle line where he reprimanded David for wanting to take on Goliath

Saul judged him too, when David offered to fight Goliath, Saul said but why…you’re just a kid

Goliath despised his youthfulness

BUT God said of David…….he is a man after my heart……

You know, it doesn’t matter what men think of you. It’s what God thinks of you that counts and that should form the basis of your speech, decisions and actions on a daily basis.

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