The Power of Love

I recently read the well-known book ‘Good Morning Holy Spirit’ by Pastor Benny Hinn. Like everyone else who has read the book, I was blown away and enthralled by the revelations about the person of the Holy Spirit. As I read on I became inquisitive about the rest of Pastor Benny’s ministry, so I went online to search him up. You can imagine my shock when the first item that popped up was Pastor Benny Remarries???!!!

Ohh I was confused….how could this be…I read on and then the whole story unfolded. He had gone through a divorce and remarried his first and only love. Suzanne.

I kept asking the Holy Spirit days after… how could that have happened to someone like him (so utterly devoted to his area of gifting)…,I mean 30 years of marriage!!!! Just like that….how come??? Then the understanding came from 1 Corinthians 12:31. All gifts of Pastor Benny and Suzanne were indeed beautifully executed and highly regarded but apostle Paul teaches us that Love above every other gift never fails. Oh, how beautiful that when all seemed to collapse around Pastor Benny and Suzanne, Love came and saved the day. Follow after love says Paul in 1 Corinthians 14:1. Oh, how powerful that nothing can separate us from this love…the love of Christ Romans 8:38-39.

Love brought restoration and healing so powerfully in this case that we can only marvel and wonder at such power through the repentant actions( 1John 3:18) of Pastor Benny and Suzanne and under the watchful eye of the Holy Spirit the Power of Love above all gifts saved the day. Thank You Lord. God is Love!!!! Yippee!!!!!!

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