What’s good looks got to do with it?

Rachel, Sarah, Moses, David, Absalom, Abigail, Esther, Joseph, Saul, Daniel …all had something in common. They were described in the bible as having good looking features. Beautiful in form one way or another, be it height, hair, skin or shape. However the God we serve does not judge us by how we look but He examines our thoughts and the purposes of our hearts. So I wonder what does looks have to do with it? Ok, perhaps to paint a picture of their character? Or maybe for us to get a sense of the favour that comes with beauty. But my inquisitive mind always likes to go a little deeper. After all there is the popular saying that beauty is just skin deep. Psalm 149 verses 4 and 5 explains that God will beautify the humble with salvation and the wretched with victory. It says let the saints be joyful in this beauty conferred on them. Aha! I said excitedly, I knew it. There is a kind of beauty that has nothing to do with physical attributes. So when those mentioned above were praised for their looks, perhaps apart from the obvious God had other things on His mind concerning their beauty. Something in them was beautiful. Humility brings the beauty of salvation, wretchedness or brokenness brings the beauty of victory, obedience brings the beauty of promotion, gratitude brings the beauty of mercy, quietness brings the beauty of restoration, the fear of God brings the beauty of hope……all these characters were beautified with these in some form or the other. However some of them did not always stay beautiful. They lost their beauty and not due to old age. Rachel, Saul,, Absalom never quite made it. The beauty within became corrupted. Rachel died in childbirth, Saul died in the battlefield, Absalom hung to death on a tree.You know, satan was also beautiful, but he never quite made it also. In fact he will never make it. God is calling us today, come let me beautify you, let me bestow salvation upon you. We have that chance, we can still make it if we hold on to the things that God cherishes, He will beautify us with salvation and victory. We will be called beautiful too just like the others above and our beauty will never be taken away from us. We will be beautiful forever. Something to think about……..

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