When He returned

When He returned 

I title this message, when He returned. Luke 24 reminds me of the statement Jesus made when he asked the question ‘when the son of man returns, will He find faith on the earth?’ 

And so he returned in this chapter, but whatever faith was with the disciples and with the women who followed Him in this chapter, it wasn’t easy to see. 

Jesus had just been crucified and the trauma and drama of the last couple of days must have been pretty tough on the disciples. So much so that when the women came to explain that they had been reminded of the resurrection by two men in dazzling raiment, the disciples thought it was madness. 

Jesus rebuked them in verse 25 and began to explain the scriptures, the things pertaining to Himself. It is true that Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God because as he began to talk their hearts were stirred and they urged Him to stay. When Jesus found their Faith had returned then He revealed Himself to them in verse 31. Finally in verse 53 they rejoiced because all doubt had been removed and they knew that Jesus was alive and well. 

Jesus will return soon one day and He won’t be reminding us of the scriptures this time around. He will be expecting us to be at the verse 53 level. Worshipping, praising extoling His name. 

Remember the clues given in Luke 24. 

  1. Remember verse 8 

  1. Study the scriptures daily verse 27 

  1. Hunger for more verse 29 

  1. Obtain revelations verse 31 

  1. Preach the good news verse 48 

  1. Rejoice in the Lord for we are not forsaken verse 53 

May we be found doing what is pleasing to God when He returns. May we be found ready. Amen.

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